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Bündner Spitzbueba: The story

During the course of their exciting career, the members of Bündner Spitzbueba have captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. With performances at various venues and countless public gigs, Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Do you want to know more about her? Read on.

We introduce ourselves

Patrick Waser, Bündner Spitzbueba, Ländlermusik
Peter Gehring, Bündner Spitzbueba, Ländlermusik
Martin Waser, Bündner Spitzbueba, Ländlermusik

We have been known under the name Bündner Spitzbueba for over 10 years. Many  we were able to experience beautiful moments with our music all these years. At many performances we were able to meet many new people. Patrick, Peter and Martin are looking forward to many great years on stage. P atrick started learning the Schwyzerörgeli at a young age.

His dexterity and his  authentic recognition were recognized early. In 2007 he made 1st place at the Prix Franz, and it continued in 2008 with the golden organ. His role models like Rees Gwerder,  Hausi Straub, etc. were enthusiastic about learning such pieces of music and implementing them in his own way. Peter has been there since the beginning of the foundation,   he has been making music for over 25 years. His music career began at the age of 17, which he constantly pursued and improved. He tried his luck as a pop singer, and in 1997 he proudly released his first CD. He quickly realized that just singing is not everything, so in 2000 he learned the Schwyzerörgeli.

This instrument still accompanies his journey with enthusiasm. He sings and plays, looking forward to new opportunities to bring to the table. His role model Gody Schmid inspired him to bring in a melodic variety. With this playing style, Peter was able to create his own style of music.

Martin, who learned his trade as a bass violinist (bassist), is always there with enthusiasm. Some of his family already played a musical instrument as children. Like his brother Isidor, who was once a well-known musician in the Graubünden area. There was also Ferdi Waser, who mastered his instrument as a violinist. Martin inspires his listeners with his charisma and his authentic manner.

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